Download and Registration Info

Visit CNET to download Yipe at the CNET Yipe! III page

Or download directly from

Download from


$10 Registration with unlock codes for all three Yipe! games!!


$5 Registration code for just Yipe! III

All registration codes will be delivered via email.

Questions? Email me at:

Don't forget to include your Serial # in the PayPal message!

You can find your 4 digit Serial # from the Menu from within Yipe! III.
Select the menu option: View --> What is my Serial Number?

If you ordered the $10 package that includes Yipe! II, you'll need to send me your serial number for that as well.
It is a 3 digit number and can be found the same way you found your Yipe! III serial number.

Read the Yipe! III Storyline here.